60 Second Binary Options Trading | Short Term on Steroids!

60 Second Binary Options Trading.

60 Second Binary Options Trading

60 Second Binary Options Trading

60 Second Binary Options are possibly the fastest instrument type available at most good Binary Options brokers.

Forex traders who engage in daily scalping of the Forex market, find 60 second binary options of particular interest.

Most of these Forex scalpers time their scalps over short durations like 1, 2, 5, 10 minute intervals. 60 second binary options take away one MAJOR problem they experience every single day though..

..that being hitting their tight stop losses before the market races away and breaks right through their Take Profit level.

Been there? Most have, so don’t worry.



Why would you trade 60 second binary options?

With 60 Second Binary Options, you don't need Stop Losses.

With 60 Second Binary Options, you don’t need Stop Losses.

The problem in traditional Forex trading – of tight stops being hit frequently – is EXACTLY the problem that 60 Second Binary trades offer a robust solution for.

Unlike in a price driven environment like Forex Trading, with 60 second binaries a trader does not worry about how far away from the entry price (above or below) the price moves during the 60 second interval the trade runs on.

For example,

  1. A Forex scalping trade with a 10 pip stop loss, held for one minute, could potentially lose in the first 10 seconds if price goes through the stop loss, but then goes back in the right direction and hits the take profit level.
  2. Had this trade been placed as a 60 second binary option, the trader would have banked a profit regardless of price going against the trade first, because there was no stop loss to hit and the trader cannot lose more than the amount invested in the trade (NOT the case in a forex trade where he/she could have lost his shirt if price went away aggressively!)

The following video shows an example of profitable 60 Second Binary Options Trading:

The criteria to win a 60 second binary option is very simple:
The price must be 0.1 or more pips “in the direction predicted” by the trader.


Binary International - Fast Binary Options Trading Platform

Binary International – Fast Binary Options Trading Platform

What to think about before trading 60 second binaries:

  1. You’ll need to trade them on a fast, zero spreads binary options trading platform.
  2. It’s important that you first test out the platform’s speed and efficiency by placing some demo trades on a binary options demo account.
  3. Make sure you have a good grasp of binary options risk management, and don’t over-trade or risk too much on any one trade. Binary International’s account managers can guide you on how to go about managing your risk so you trade safely.
  4. Always make sure your broker can provide you with social proof, such as our Independently Certified, 3rd-party Binary International Reviews. Nothing beats having other real traders verify trading conditions.

Want to trade 60 Second Binary Options?

Binary International - Open Binary Options Trading Account

Binary International – Open Binary Options Trading Account