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What is Binary Options Trading?

Binary Options Trading is the most simplified form of Financial Trading in the world. Binary Options traders have to bid either UP or DOWN and place their trades with fixed risk per trade.

Binary Options Traders do not have to worry about placing Stop Losses since each trade is placed with an Initial Fixed Risk! This means that a trader can only ever lose the initial or "principal" amount invested into any particular trade, regardless of how far up or down the price may fluctuate during the life of the binary options trade.

As opposed to other forms of financial trading where traders can only buy or sell an asset, e.g. Currency Pair in Forex, Stocks, Commodities or Indices, Binary Options can bid UP or DOWN on any Forex Currency Pair, Stock, Commodity or Index in a variety of ways.

These include:

1) 60 Second Binary Options
2) 2-Minute Binary Options
3) 5-Minute Binary Options
4) One-Touch Binary Options
5) No-Touch Binary Options
6) Boundary Binary Options
7) Weekend Binary Options
8) High-Yield Binary Options

One of the BIGGEST advantages to traders in Binary Options Trading is being able to trade on weekends.. yes, weekends! This allows traders to place trades on what they envision the market will do when it opens again the following week on Monday. By setting up to trade gaps, continuation trends or reversals, well ahead of the rest of the market's participants, Binary Options traders gain an edge other forms of trading do not provide.

Another advantage of trading Binary Options at Binary International is the ability to trade currencies, stocks, commodities and indices all from inside ONE account. Binary Options Traders no longer have to create multiple accounts at multiple brokerages as before in other forms of trading -- All trading is consolidated inside one account, freeing traders from the administrative logistics of trading multiple financial classes and allowing them to focus instead of creating diversified portfolios of assets inside one main account.

How does Binary International help its traders with Binary Options Trading?

1) All traders at Binary International have the option to take upto 200% Bonuses on their deposits! Having large enough trading equity to make substancial gains can be challenging for many traders, and having the additional trading equity to trade with in the form of a Cash Deposit Bonus allows them the extra breathing room to make large profits on bonus equity we provide!

2) All traders at Binary International get access to 100% Free Binary Options Indicators and other trading software. This is provided by strongly vetted Third-Party Financial Software providers where actual traders get together with financial programmers to build High Accuracy Binary Options Trading Software for other traders.

- Binary Options Indicators available by having an account with Binary International include 60 Second Indicators, 2-Minute Binary Options Indicators, 5-Minute Binary Options Indicators, One-Touch and No-Touch Binary Options Indicators, and Boundary Binary Options Indicators.

- Our Third-Party Software Providers also provide specialized indicators for trading specific currency pairs, stocks, commodities and indices, that can be used on popular trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4 for the purpose of getting binary options trading signals to subsequently trading on the platform.

3) Binary International also provides ALL its traders with 100% Free Practice / Demo Accounts! Traders who feel they need to refine their binary options trading strategies / rationale can do so on their Demo Accounts without fear of losing their trading equity. Once they are confident they have had enough practice, switching over to their real accounts to trade is as easy as clicking a few buttons.

4) All traders engaged in Live Trading on Binary International's Binary Options Trading Platform get assigned a dedicated account manager. The job of a Binary Options Trading Account Manager is to ensure that traders have everything they need to trade at Binary International. They help traders of all levels of experience, from new traders looking for resources to trade more effectively, to experienced traders looking for day to day assistance. All Binary Options traders are taken care of at Binary International.

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